No two brands or businesses have exactly the same needs… so we work closely with our clients from the outset to fully understand their unique needs and find the perfect solution that aligns to their brand or business.

We work through a whole list of questions that assist our team to create the perfect program for our clients, each question help refine down the wide array of options we have available to our clients so the next step (design) hits the mark!

Consider the following in relation to your branding projects or apparel programs:

BrandingHow do you wantto look to your customer/client, how do you want your target audience to feel, what is your branding colour pallete?

BusinessWhat are your internal processes to consider? (Eg. do you order in bulk annually or do you need a program that is flexible to place frequent orders) Do you have a set budget? Is there a deadline to reach each year?

End User Acceptance: It is essential, whether you are a business equipping your team or a brand adding value to your customers life, that the end user LOVES the product… taking into account a variety of things such as what conditions will the product be used (eg. hot/cold climates or high/low activity levels) and what attributes does the product need to have (eg. Environmentally conscious production / would your target audience/team actually love this product?) 






Our experienced team of marketing professionals and fashion designers review the brief created in step one, considering all elements that make the perfect program to suit your specific goals, objectives and desired outcomes.

When we say “Design” we consider not just the visual appearance of a product, but also the suitability of different production methods to suit your business and budget; thus aligning all the best options to form the perfect fit for you.

With most branded products the level of customisation, price and turn around time all affect each other; for example it is usually only possible to have 2 of these 3 but not all three… evident by considering a highly customised product with a fast delivery is going to be a higher price than a highly customise product with a slow delivery.

With regards to apparel we offer 3 top level options that we review in finding the best fit for our customers; Custom (fully bespoke apparel lines), Hybrid (an “off the shelf product” that has been altered to suit) and Stock Service (“off the shelf products” either delivered with or without decoration such as embroidery/screen printing)






We understand that the delivery of your program needs to fit how you run your brand/business, so we partner with you to plan ahead for upcoming deadlines and ensure our program is run to best fit your unique needs; this is all made possible with our unique online ordering platform.

Annual planning meetings allow our team to review the year to come and help plan ahead but also review the year that has just past to see how things could be done better moving forward to save time, money and/or mitigate sticking points.

Our flexible online ordering platform also allows for complete transparency of your order status whilst also streamlining the ordering process and management of your annual budget (either at an account level or for each customer/team member individually); 

The last feature mentioned above is just one of the features of our custom login portal where we create a specific ordering platform for your program offering a custom catalogue by department, customer or team member to name just another of the many options available in this portal.