What we offer



Sometimes the best way to stand out from the rest is to… look completely different!

To not only ensure branding and business objectives are met for our clients, but also nail exactly the look that they desire, we offer the flexibility of completely bespoke or “hybrid” custom options.

Hyrbid – alterations to “stock service” products that are ready to ship

Completely Bespoke – 100% custom made from the fabric mill onwards

This level of flexiblity ensures no project goes without finding the perfect solution!





We support our Medical clients from Corporate attire for the management team through to scrubs for the “team on the ground” within each business.

With our deep understanding of the needs for our medical clients, we align all aspects of a successful garment that is not only fit for purpose but aligns with the businesses goals and branding objectives.





We’ve partnered with some of Australia’s largest brands in business apparel, to offer our customers the a complete range of corporate wear and smart casual attire.

For a modern tailored look or traditional corporate style, our business apparel is the uniform of choice for some of Australia’s leading businesses in the medical, property and professional services industries.




With an extensive range of casual and streetwear products on offer, the team are often found “product testing” shirts or activewear from our partners; although we don’t tend to wear aprons and chefs gear around the office.

We also work with leading lifestyle brands, which means we’re proud to offer the latest in technical fabric and fashion trends to your brand or business.




Having partnered with some of Australia’s largest workwear brands, we’re proud to offer durable yet comfortable apparel that is compliant with safety standards and tough enough to stand up to the harshest tasks.

See below for brands you are sure to recognise, and with the DC touch your team can truly stand out on the job site.




To complete the brand presense in any space or marketing program, we go well beyond apparel & headwear.

Our team will consult and carefully curate a range of branded items that your target customers will not only LOVE but also USE… this is the key to success in ensuring your clients recieve “not just another pen for the collection” but rather a functional conversation piece in their possession that will constantly remind them of your brand and keep you front of mind!




The logo and colours used for your brand, or corporate identity, represent your business on all fronts and is what sets you apart from the competition. The right branding and logo design should leave a strong/long lasting impression in a professional manner whilst clearly communicating your message.

Whether you are starting a new endeavor or would like a fresh new look for your brand/company, let our experienced designers work with you on a look that will be the envy of all your competitors.